158 Squadron Association

"Strength in Unity"

Newsletter 23 Summer 2020

158 Squadron Newsletter and 2021 Reunion Details

Firstly, I hope that this newsletter finds you well in these challenging times. It will, I am sure, come as no surprise to hear that the 158 Squadron Association Reunion in September 2020 has had to be cancelled. In many ways this was a very hard decision to make but in other ways it was the only option that we had.  However, the good news is that we have booked the 2021 Reunion for the weekend of 4th and 5th September 2021 at The Expanse in Bridlington.  The Expanse has kindly agreed that our deposit can be rolled over until next year so the postponement will not impact on the association finances.

Len McNamara DFC It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Len McNamara DFC.  Len was a President of the Association and attended the Reunion every year, attending the Memorial Service even when his own health was poor.  John Cotter attended the funeral representing the Veterans of 158 and I attended to show the respects of the Association Members. His son Andrew has organised an obituary for him which is attached. He will be sadly missed.


In Memorium We have lost a number of veterans this year and the In Memorium list was sent with the email and snail mail copies of the newsletter.  Frank Horsley was Treasurer of the Association for many years and made a valuable contribution to the Association we have today. We will remember them all at the 2021 Memorial Service.


158 Memorabilia The lapel badges are back in stock. All prices include postage. If you live outside the UK please just send us cash as the banks charge a fortune to process cheques, we keep the cash until the year end and then exchange it all in one transaction.

Print of Halifax LV907 NP-F This print is covered with signatures of veterans from a Reunion in the mid-1990s.  Many famous names can be seen on it.  I am very grateful to our Canadian contact for showing us this.


I am not good at being reflective, I have spent my whole working life being pragmatic and decisive but the Coronavirus has challenged me and my generation. We come from the “You’ve never had it so good” generation and this is the first global threat we have faced. Many of my friends have liked lockdown to the Second World War, but in what we are seeing now the shortages were minimal compared to war, and we lack the nightly fear of bombing, a NAZI invasion, and for aircrew in 158 flying out on a mission with a good chance of never returning.  However, coronavirus remains tragic for the many people who have lost relatives and friends and the financial suffering that is going to last for many years.  Hopefully it will be largely resolved by the time we all meet on the 4/5 September 2021.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves   Dr Kevin A Bryett Chairman 158 Squadron Association